The Self-Care Domains

Self care is a multifaceted practice of well being which can include: mental, emotional, physical, practical, social, and spiritual routines. Let's go over each of these categories and what they may look like.

Mental Self Care

This is something that is stimulating to your mind or offers mental clarity. Examples can include: working on a project, learning a new hobby, puzzles, games or reading a book.

Emotional Self Care

This is where you are connecting to your emotions in a way that enables you to process, reflect, and manage them. Examples can include: setting boundaries for yourself, seeing a therapist, medication management, journaling, creating something or finding a healthy outlet for yourself.

Physical Self Care

These are routines that help improve your overall physical health. This can look like exercising, stretching, going for nature walks, taking a nap, getting enough sleep at night, hydrating, managing caffeine intake, or connecting to your body in an intuitive way.

Practical Self Care

This is the gritty self care that helps prevent your future self from becoming stressed. This can be setting up a budget for yourself, paying bills on time, staying ahead of laundry, organizing your home, continued education courses and, yes, even setting boundaries fall into practical self care (think: financial boundaries & time management boundaries).

Social Self Care

This aspect of self care focuses on the community around you. This can help you feel connected to people and deepen your relationships. Social self care could be: going to coffee with a friend, joining a book club or a group class, telling someone you appreciate and love them by using The Love Languages (see blog post on Love Language Types) or sharing a new experience with a friend or loved one.

Spiritual Self Care

These are tasks you do to expand your awareness beyond yourself. Examples of this can include: connecting with nature, being a part of a cause, advocating for something, meditation or reflection, being a part of an accepting group, or searching for your purpose.

These are just some basic descriptions and examples of self care. If you have something you do specifically that bolsters one of these domains I would love to hear it! Message me from my page and tell me your favorite self care practice :)




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